Monday, March 4, 2013

Today I am 60 years old.

Today is my 60th and this is the card that Kim gave to me. On the back she kindly informed me that I am actually entering my 61st year now and that I have already successfully completed my 60th year. She's really good about comforting me.

I stayed home and did, what Siegy calls, "old people things" and hung this bee house for Mason bees.  Our planet is running low on healthy bees so Kim and I hung this after placing 12 little cocoons inside the top 12 holes.  I am very excited to see if they hatch and
stay in our yard.....

From bees to bats.
Kim and I hung this little house after I painted it black--
to hold in the heat more (per pamphlet instructions).
Now, we wait to see if any one(s) move in!

Like sands in an hour glass, this is a day of my life.
And I am grateful!
And yes, I do know it's been awhile....
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Oklahoma Statehood, November 16, 1907
My friend since the mid 70's is having surgery;
                            She called to ask if I could come and help.                                
 Her name is Mary Ann;
 She sustained a spinal cord injury almost 30 years ago. 
 Seven years ago she had a similar surgery (carpal tunnel) and
 at that time I went to New Mexico to help her out.
        One of my hidden talents is that I know how to transfer really well.   
 Getting ready.....

Surgery went very well and we returned to her daughter, Mariah's, home.
The Sinclair's are located in Crescent, OK.
 It's about an hours drive north of Oklahoma City.

A Great Welcome Sign .

My first sunset; it's been in the 100's each day;
Like much of the country, it's very hot.
Fortunately inside the house is cool and comfortable.
Going outside is a bit of a shock but I wanted to get this shot
 of a glorious sunset.
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Here is a view from my guest bedroom (sort of)
(which grand daughter, Gracie, so kindly gave up for my stay):

This pond is just outside my room and is the home to some turtles.

Transportation is a bit different

As are the neighbors:
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There is also a big bull wandering about with horns.
I did not take its picture.
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There are a gazillion of these grass hoppers all over the place. 
They act psychotic, jumping all over in twenty different directions. 
Too much heat has impacted them.

Psychotic hopper infiltrating tomato plants.

 Many ant hills too...
They are more orderly.

Mary Ann has also bonded with this sweet donkey.
Guess his name if you can...go ahead.
Give up?

It's Eeyore.

Mary Ann likes to go visit him at night fall when it's cooler.
She takes him treats like apples and lettuce. 
Tonight we learned that
he also likes water melon rinds.

She enlisted me to help.  Now that she has moved here,
she says funnythings like,
 "Please go get me the curry (currie?) comb from the bucket."
Am I really supposed to know what this means?

Turns out that it's a special brush, coil thingy that
 is used to comb shedding hair.
Then she put me to work.
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Mary Ann's grand-daughter, Gracie joined us and

She jumped for joy over my farm animal grooming abilities.

Did I mention that it is flat here?
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Other wonderful family members who are living the heart land life include: 
Daughter, Mariah

Mariah's husband, Greg
(who built this house!!!)

Grand son, McCall--Gracie's older brother.

Newest family member, Trixie--
abandoned pup who growled and barked
 at me for the first 24 hours.
We are now the best of friends.
They also have two other dogs but
they declined to have their pictures taken.
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I leave on Wednesday, July 4th.
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Already I know that it will be very hard for me
to say goodbye.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hermione is Bored

Hermione announced that she is bored and tired of listening to Kim and Rachel discuss where and how to store the assortment of garden tools they possess.  There's also a few items in their garage, that like good Americans in days now passed, they collected, only trying to do their part to assist the economy.  For some reason, Kim is against something called, "Rubbermaid storage" or something like that; Hermione is not sure what that means.  In any case, as in times past, she decided to move forward and create a project to keep her interest in life and to show those two can openers just how to get things done.
Hermione being bored.

Despite the beauty, there is a corner back there that could be nicely utilized.
She decided to go for it.

Clearing was a snap and for a cat who knows all about litter, this was quite exhilarating for her.

 "Nice, nice" she thought.  "8x10 is just puurfect."
Then she called the Better Built Barns truck; it was so easy.

Oops, so they had to carry their supplies a bit of a distance.
Big stuff...hmmm, doesn't look like much.
Here comes a floor!
YIKES! That was fast!!
Here comes the walls...
Hermione, always trust worthy, kept a sharp eye on her crew.
Time for a roof...
Luna, behind the scenes was always offering water to the workers.
Staying hydrated is a must!

Moving toward a roof.

Now I'm bored again; 
I need a rest.

Luna takes over for a shift.

Looking outward.
What do you mean we are not allowed in here??
Yikes!  Ammo; no nails.
No pounding.
The neighbors are happy.

A roof AND a

Our fabulous workers, 
Corey and Ryan.

Can you believe what a bored cat can do??!

Magically, the paint appeared.
I thought Rachel was supposed to be at our cat food supplying job...

I'm new to this household.
Cats doing day labor?
I need a rest!