Sunday, January 9, 2011

Those Who MUST Create...

Can you guess what Kim and I did today, Sunday?? The exhibit has been here for about three months and we finally got in gear and attended. The exhibit is at the Seattle Art Museum and presents an exhibition of the work of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). " The Musée National Picasso in Paris holds the largest and most comprehensive collection of Pablo Picasso’s artwork in the world. Housed in a converted 17th century mansion, the Museum is undergoing an extensive renovation, making it possible for their unprecedented holdings – much of which came from Picasso’s personal collection – to tour the globe. With its U.S. debut at the Seattle Art Museum, this exhibition marks a rare opportunity to view works from this stellar collection."
Here are a few of my favorites:

Two Women Running at the Beach.
No surprise that it is a favorite!

The Crying Woman.
Have you recently read about how the tears of women impact the testosterone levels of men? It was a big study done in Israel. It basically concluded that men get the message, "Now's not a good time."Massacre en Coree
He was very political and described his art work as his diary. He lived through many conflicts--the Spanish Civil War, WWI and WWII; the Korean War. I believe this painting was to depict the Korean War.

"Dora Maar", one of his many lovers.
She was a famous artist, photographer, painter and poet in her own rights.
She also seemed to be pretty high maintenance...(a little judgmental, I know.)
We took the time to take a docent's tour and learned a lot--how to better understand his work and to understand how and why he transitioned to his modern forms. He was amazingly prolific and they estimate he did 20,000+ works. As I wandered through the many rooms and looked at his work and photographs of his studio, I suddenly remembered that I never recounted another prolific artistic experience that we had when we visited Siegy in Gloucester. So while I could go on and on about this exhibit, I am going to transition to....

Jon Sarkin: Born in Hillside, NJ, 1953. He was a chiropractor for many years and one day in 1998 while golfing, he suffered a brain hemorrhage and a stroke that nearly killed him. To save him, the doctors removed part of his cerebellum. He became a changed man, emerging with a changed personality and a great compulsion to create artwork.

Mr. Sarkin and Dan King have been friends for a number of years.

Dan asked if we could visit Jon's studio and he kindly agreed to a tour:
There is art everywhere and in many formats--on old pieces of cardboard, slips of paper, pieces of name it. Everything becomes a canvas.

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We wandered from room to room taking it all in. He enthusiastically spoke of his current, and future projects as we sorted through his works....
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This piece caught my eye as well as Kim's. It's a compilation of quotes by George Bernard Shaw.
Dan King acted as our go between. He approached Mr. Sarkin and asked if he would sell us the "Shaw" piece. It was destined for a showing that he will be doing in Ireland later this year.
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Lucky for us, he did agree to sell the piece.
His comment: "I'll just do something else."
I don't know if it will ever become Picassoesque; I really don't care. It was just very wonderful to meet him and have him allow us into his world for a bit of time. Like Mr. Picasso, Mr. Sarkin MUST produce art--some we understand, some we don't. But what a wonderful thing that people like Pablo and Jon can express themselves and the rest of us can find intrigue and emotional releases from their expressions.

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Barbara said...

Fascinating post! Jon Sarkin's work looks really interesting, and the inclusion of words and letters throughout his work reminds me of the work of artists at Gateway Arts in Brookline. The artists, who are mentally/psychiatrically/developmentally disabled, produce a wide range of "outsider art." Gateway is a studio as well as gallery and shop for them to sell their work. (I am a volunteer on their Board.) Anyway, I like Sarkin's style very much, and let me know if he has a local (Massachusetts) show.